University of Tulsa, OU announce $30 million gift for Tulsa School of Community Medicine

TULSA - A $30 million gift to fund the proposed Tulsa School of Community Medicine was announced by University of Tulsa and University of Oklahoma presidents Thursday.

The Oxley Foundation will give the program an initial $15 million grant to provide start-up funding for personnel and operating expenses, according to a press release. The foundation has pledged an additional $15 million grant as a dollar-for-dollar challenge for contributions.

The Tulsa School of Community Medicine will be a joint four-year program designed to address the state's poor health statistics and physician shortage.

"Oklahoma's poor health statistics speak for themselves and our communities are suffering because of it," said Dr. Gerard Clancy, OU-Tulsa president. "This gift is a great example of a public-private partnership from an institutional and funding perspective."

The proposed new school will allow medical students to complete all four years in Tulsa. The Hartford building, which TU purchased earlier this year, is the projected home of the facility.

"The future Tulsa School of Community Medicine, and the partnership from which it was born, will make our community healthier, stronger and a more attractive place for medical professionals to learn and live," said R.H. Harbaugh, trustee of the Oxley Foundation. "This is a historic day for all Tulsans, and we are so pleased to be a part of it.

Representatives from both universities have been working to create a proper infrastructure for the school since 2009.

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