University of Tulsa fires athletic director Ross Parmley amid FBI gambling investigation

TULSA - University of Tulsa athletic director Ross Parmley has been fired.

TU President Steadman Upham made the announcement Tuesday evening in a press release. 

The university placed Parmley on paid leave Nov. 27 and began its own investigation after a federal affidavit named the athletic director an "admitted gambler" involved in a high-profile illegal gambling operation out of Oklahoma City.

According to the FBI, Parmley paid a total of $1,782 in gambling payments to Teddy Mitchell, the man at the center of the indictment.


Upham detailed his conversations with Parmley in the release, admitting the AD told Upham of his connection to the case, but downplayed the seriousness of the allegations.

"At that time, Ross told me that his involvement was solely due to a family connection to the person being investigated," Upham said. "This a difficult time for TU and we realize that our reputation is at stake. We are determined to uncover the whole truth in every aspect of this case."

Parmley, who was hired in 2005 and promoted to athletic director in January, reportedly told Upham he had lied Nov. 27.

The university named Executive Vice President Kevan Buck interim athletic director following the initial news.

Buck managed day-to-day presidential operations at TU in September after the university fired its president Geoffrey Orsak less than three months into the job, a role Upham has since reassumed.


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