Union's McAuliffe Elementary School librarian Kirby Thomas prepares for her wedding July 11

TULSA - It's obvious from the moment you meet her. Kirby Thomas is passionate about her job.

"Oh my goodness! It was the best book I've read in a long time," exclaimed Thomas as she talks to students at McAuliffe Elementary School.

Inside the library reads a simple statement on the wall - Everyone has a story to tell. Kirby's is a best-seller.


Kirby received a surprise phone call from talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Feb. 20. During a school assembly, Ellen told Kirby she was getting a check for $25,000 and a book van for a summer reading initiative, Mobile Media. The organization provides books throughout the McAuliffe low-income neighborhoods.

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"It's still a shock," said Kirby. "It's still hard for me to process that that really happened."

It did happen, and she has an Ellen wall that bears the check and a giant Target gift card.


In mid-March, Kirby was invited to California to sit in the audience during a live tape of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"I just thought she would call us down and get updated on how things have been going and what we were planning to do with the money," Kirby recalled.

Ellen had another surprise. She asked Kirby about her dating life and soon thereafter her boyfriend Jason walked out and surprised Kirby. He got down on his knee to propose.

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"I was like that was it, I'll never do anything cooler than that. That was the best moment ever," she remembered. "And then I was like getting kissed on the face by LL Cool J. And now I'm like that was it, we're finally done. Nothing will beat that."


Ellen again invited Kirby to her show, and this time she told Kirby she was being sent to the ACM Awards in Las Vegas to work the red carpet.

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"My favorite. Oh there were a lot. Keith Urban was so nice to me and so good to me and smelled wonderful," Kirby said.


The wedding on July 11. Kirby wonders what other surprises Ellen may have in store for her.

"I sent her the 'save the date' so I'm crossing my fingers that she did save the date," she said.

With her wedding just two months away, Kirby has been doing a lot of planning and she's sharing those plans with us. Over the next several weeks, we'll be showcasing her unique and fun wedding ideas every Wednesday.



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