Union's new academy brings college to high school

TULSA, Okla. - When classes start on Monday, students at Union High School will walk into a building that will make them feel like they are going to college rather than high school.

The school district's collegiate academy will open to 3,200 students in grades 10 through 12.

The $26 million facility was overwhelmingly approved by voters in two separate bond elections.

It features 37 classrooms and laboratories, a student union, and an expandable lecture room. Each classroom will also have a SMART Board, an interactive white board. There is even room for outdoor learning.

School administrators say it is meant go hand in hand with the district's challenging curriculum to prepare students for college.

"It means going above and beyond and giving them a chance to have a college feel," said science teacher Steven Moran.

"I know other schools have some facilities but I don't know another high school in this region that has something like this. It's incredible," added Ginger Swanson, a math teacher.

Lisa Witcher, principal for the Class of 2013, said the facility shows parents and voters care about education.

"We are at the pinnacle of education here," said Witcher.

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