Union high schooler given community service for taking picture of student in school bathroom

TULSA - An 18-year-old student at Union High School was sentenced to community service after pleading guilty to taking a picture of another student in a school bathroom.

Jonathon Devito allegedly used his cellphone to take a picture of a 16-year-old mentally challenged student while the student was using a urinal. Investigators said the victim's pants were around his ankles and he didn't know he was being photographed.

Devito then uploaded the picture to Twitter.

Devito was charged two misdemeanors for peeping tom and violating the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.  He was facing up to two years in jail in addition to fines.

Devito, however, pleaded guilty to both charges and was given a deferred sentence.

Among his punishments, Devito will perform 60 hours of community service.  Twenty of those hours must be spent speaking to young groups or school groups about bullying and social media.

Devito is also required to apologize to the victim and his parents.

Upon completion of his sentence, the charges will be expunged.

Devito initially was facing complaints of manufacturing and distributing child pornography but the DA's Office declined to file felony charges against him.

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