TWU Local 514 announces Tulsa American Airlines layoffs

TULSA - The official number of expected American Airlines worker layoffs in Tulsa has been released.

Transport Workers Union Local 514 announced 443 workers will be affected by layoffs, with around 140 "having to relocate or hit the streets," according to the union website.

Those 140 are fleet service clerks, of which a small number might be able to move into other jobs, said Sam Cirri, president of Transport Workers Union Local 514.

Those affected workers not forced out -- an estimated 300 aircraft mechanics -- would have the ability to move into other positions at a $5 an hour pay cut or "bump" out someone else to maintain their original pay.

"We hate to experience even one layoff because we know that impacts one of our members and their family," said Cirri. "But the company originally sought to put over 2,700 of our members on the street as well as outsource the bulk of the work we perform as part of the plan it presented to the bankruptcy court. TWU 514 has greatly reduced these numbers by fighting extremely hard to keep work at the Tulsa base. This is a great example of what we can do when we stay united and fiercely protect the work of members."

Exact numbers should be known by Thanksgiving.

American Airlines parent company AMR filed for bankruptcy last November, and originally identified a desired reduction of 2,700 Tulsa jobs, more than a third of the workforce.

More than 700 Tulsa workers took an "early out" retirement offer following the filing.

2NEWS reporter Casey Roebuck is on the story and will have more at 6 p.m. Stick with for the latest.

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