Two more Tulsa State Fair workers arrested

TULSA - Two more carnival workers at the Tulsa State Fair have been arrested for violating the Carnival Games Act.

According to deputies, Kenneth McLeod, 44, and Anthony Ellis, 32, were arrested Thursday night for offering free darts, allowing people to re-throw darts and allowing fair patrons to pay $20 to throw a dart, win or lose, to acquire the largest prize.

Undercover officers said the posted rules stated 3 darts could be purchased for $5 and a prize could be won if a dart landed inside a picture of a paper star.  The undercover officers say they were offered 7 and 8 darts for $10.  

Police documents show the officers were also told they could win the biggest prize for $20, win or lose.

Authorities say no where on the posted rules are these practices allowed.  McLeod and Ellis were each issued a $500 bond.

The night before, Eric Prince, 41, was booked into Tulsa Co. jail for attempting to sell undercover officers the largest prize at his balloon dart throwing booth for $80.


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