Tulsa's trash transition not so smooth as residents report delays in pickup

TULSA - Trash changes have been creating a stink for some residents around Tulsa.

There have been some bumps in the road this first week, but officials say it will be all downhill from here.

"Everyone I know is talking about the trash. Family gatherings, get together with friends," said midtown Tulsa resident Lauren Van Allen.

Van Allen says learning the new schedule has been difficult in her neighborhood.

"We've had people put out their garbage along the street the whole week, so there's been a lot of false starts," said Van Allen.

In a neighborhood on the other side of town, the story was the same. But to top it off, the haulers missed their pick-up by a day.

"We had some from Monday, all day Monday, all day Tuesday and into Wednesday morning," said east Tulsa resident Carole Warren.

"It smelled, literally," she said.

The new hauler, NeWSolutions , attributes some of troubles to the interim trash contract.

Tulsa's trash contract expired June 30; the new contract with New Solutions officially starts October 1.  

"Somebody has got to haul the trash and we're going to get it hauled that's what we do," said NeWSolutions spokesman Gary Percefull.

The new hauler agreed to fill in during the interim, but wasn't fully prepared.  

They've had to bring on some contractors to help fill in the gaps, and no test runs were performed.

"It was kind of a big surprise and really quick start," said Percefull. "We've got new drivers, we've got new maps, new routes, there's so many changes."

But all in all, officials with both the city of Tulsa and NeWSolutions the week has gone well.

"The city has received very few phone calls related to miscollection," said city of Tulsa spokeswoman Liz Hunt.

"We're going to work really hard and bend over backwards and try to make sure people are happy," said Percefull.

If your trash is still out on the curb because the haulers missed it, call the city and they will get someone out to pick it up as late as 8 p.m. Call (918) 596-9777 or click here for more information.

If you are unsure when your trash collection day is, visit http://bit.ly/TulsaTrash .

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