Tulsans prepare for another winter storm, tourists say spring is all in your prespective

TULSA - With a cold wind blowing through downtown Tulsa and rain coming down Saturday night, with snow expected to soon follow, it appears winter is definitely still in the air. 

But depending on where you look and your perspective, it looks like spring is right around the corner. 

On Saturday night, the sounds of summer filled the Green Country air.

"Here to watch a little baseball," Brad Sorenson, visiting from Minnesota said, as he watched his son play baseball at ONEOK Field. 

Winter can definitely be frustrating as it continues into March, but many are ready to tell winter to get lost.

"It is March," Sorenson said. "Now we need a little sun. It doesn't even have to be 60."

But when you put it in perspective and hear what some of the fans at ONEOK Field Saturday night have faced this winter, it doesn't seem that bad. 

One fan showed off a picture on his phone. A selfie he took, while walking to work through 54 inches of snow in Minnesota. 

"I think it was about minus 25 degrees that morning," he said. 

The College of St. Scholastica, playing at ONEOK Field this weekend, representing Duluth, Minnesota, a frozen tundra sitting on the shores of Lake Superior. They were joined by Buena Vista University (Storm Lake, Iowa), the University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, Minn.) and the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. 

"They way we approached it is we have had so many days below zero, when we got down here and we had 40's and even 30's it still is alright" St. Scholastica's head coach Corey Kemp said. 

Alright, but whether facing several feet of snow like Kemp and his Minnesota boys of summer deal with back home, or facing the prediction of a few inches of snow, the city of Tulsa is prepared to keep everyone safe.

7500 tons of salt remain at the city's maintenance yard, a city of Tulsa spokeswoman said. A pile more than enough for the upcoming storm, she added.

Back at ONEOK Field, playing under the lights, with grass perhaps a bit too green for winter this appears like a tropical escape for some.

"Ah, it is fantastic," Sorenson said. "It is kind of like the first sign of spring for us."

Despite facing a rougher winter back home, fans and players visiting Tulsa all planned head back home Saturday night, saying they wanted to avoid any dangerous roads Sunday. 

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