Tulsa woman convicted of murdering 15-week-old son could be released based on DNA evidence

Tulsa,Ok - Michelle Dawn Murphy has been sitting in an Oklahoma prison for nearly 20 years. In 1995 she was convicted of killing her 15-week old son Travis Wood.

Her defense believes she was wrongly convicted base on a confession Murphy says she was pressured in to. Richard O'Carroll, her attorney, is convinced new DNA evidence will prove her innocence and place the blame on her former neighbor.

O'Carroll and friends reached out to the Innocence Project, an organization that helps convicted felons prove their innocence based on DNA evidence. The group is now involved, and O'Carroll says it will be the force behind their case. 

"I reached out to them because they have the resources to test, which is very expensive," O'Carroll said.

According to court documents filed at the Tulsa County Courthouse, the defense claims there were errors made by investigators and several pieces of evidence were never introduced. He says a newly located blood sample will prove who the real killer is.

"DNA testing could be the magic bullet and she could be released. It will take 60 days to get the testing," he said.

The defense puts the blame on Murphy's neighbor William Lee, who died of suicide before her trial.

Murphy's long time friend and former teacher Susan Jones says each day they're getting closer to her freedom.

"She's holding up, she says "If it's a few more days a few more weeks, in the grand scheme of 20 years, she can hang in there," Jones said. "She just wants to come home."

Another hearing is set for Friday to determine if the DA and city will hand over the evidence for testing by an independent lab.

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