Tulsa woman appears on new KJRH game show, 'Let's Ask America'

TULSA - A woman from Tulsa competed Wednesday on Channel 2's new game show, "Let's Ask America."

Tricia Wynn is a choir teacher in Tulsa. She says she was chosen to play because the producers loved her bubbly personality.

The game show centers around social media, Skype and current events.

The format reflects an audience desire for exciting new twists on the trivia concept, while giving contestants the chance to win prizes from their couches.

Wynn says she didn't have much of a strategy except for answering as many correct answers as possible and preparing for the "Dash for Cash" round.

"I Skyped with my sister and I was like, 'OK, give me something to run for,' and she goes, 'A pen!' And so I would run and find a pen," said Wynn. "I tried to place things, like random objects, all around me in case they asked for something random."

Wynn made it all the way to the final round with $2,300 and a chance to raise it to $11,500.

The question was: What did men in their 40s say is their biggest complaint about their neighbors?  Loud arguments, late night partying, overly nosy or barking dogs.

Wynn answered late night partying but the correct answer was barking dogs.

As a consolation prize, Wynn was awarded $1,000.

"Let's Ask America" airs on KJRH Channel 2 at 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Visit letsaskamerica.tv/ contestants.html to learn how you can become a contestant from the compfort of your own home.

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