Tulsa to bill Turley residents $1,300 for unpaid sewer service

TULSA - About 200 Turley residents will soon receive another bill in the mail.

The city of Tulsa is billing them for unpaid sewer service.

Under a decades-old agreement, when Turley residents sign up for water, they're suppose to call Tulsa to set up a separate sewer service account.

Officials say 700 Turley customers followed the rules and paid for sewer service, but around 200 did not, despite still receiving the service.

"It's only fair to other rate payers throughout the city that they pay what they should have been paying for as long as they've actually received the service," said Mark Weathers with the city of Tulsa utilities service department.

The residents will be billed for three years of unpaid service, totaling about $1,300.

This means their monthly bill will be on average $46 more than everyone else's.

The city of Tulsa also said it is improving its communication with the Turley water office in light of the finding.

Tulsa officials will receive an automated notice anytime a Turley resident signs up for water. This way Tulsa knows who to bill for sewer service as well.

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