Tulsa street crews respond to winter weather

TULSA - The city of Tulsa street crews continue to respond to winter weather. 

More than 50 mounted sand and salt trucks are helping to clear Tulsa's roadways. 

"When the snow was coming down. They were pushing the snow out of the way...I think we have a great city department. I think they do take care of our roads pretty well," Tulsa resident Scott Meyers said. 

Tracy Matlock and her two kids experienced the bad roadways in Tulsa, but were excited about winter's return. 

"This is really wonderful. It's just cold enough to be fun without being miserable and there's enough snow that is really really slick," Matlock said. 

Matlock took her kids to sled on top of a hill in Midtown. It was her son's first time sledding in 13 years. 

"We won't be able to go skiing this year. This is probably as close as we're going to get sliding on some snow, so we have to take advantage of it," Matlock said. 

City leaders urge drivers to be careful when driving around Tulsa in icy conditions. They say a driver should put two to three times the normal distance between their car and the next car to avoid accidents when slowing down. 

The city of Tulsa says crews will remain on 24-hour shifts continuing to plow and treat refreezing roads. 




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