Tulsa sees the affects of FAA shutdown

The closure of the Federal Aviation Administration Airport District Offices throughout the country will impact future projects at the Tulsa International Airport and the Jones Riverside Airport. 

Mayor Dewey Bartlett and Airport Director Jeff Mulder said that immediate impacts include the second phase of the runway reconstruction project.  The first phase is complete.  It allowed for about $7-million in repairs to the south end of TIA's main runway.  The north end reconstruction that would cost arounf $7-million is on hold until a funding measure is in place.

"I know in the big scheme of things they (Congress) are dealing with a whole bunch of issues, but when they come home like this, it is a big issue for us," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

Here is the Tulsa Airport Authority's complete list of future projects on hold:

1. A delay issuing Airport Improvement Program (AIP) project grants.
Projects currently out for bid that will be delayed:
•Phase 2, Main Runway Reconstruction – Bids due August 16. Estimated project cost = $6.65 million
Projects on hold, grant application pending at TUL:
•Runway 26 Approach Lighting System Grant: $1,329,238
•North Development Area Improvements Grant: $ 724,207
•Clear Runway Protection Zone, Runway 8 &
•Improve Airfield Access Control Grant: $ 342,663
Projects on hold, grant application pending at RVS:
•Perimeter Road Rehabilitation Grant: $ 74,298
•Airfield Guidance Sign Upgrade Grant: $ 192,565

2. Delay processing grant reimbursements
As of 7/26/11 there are 11 grant reimbursement requests valued at $3,547,854 pending funds from the FAA. These represent payments that the airport has made to contractors and consultants and are awaiting reimbursement from the FAA under active grant agreements. Construction on active grant projects is not being stopped, so the number and value of grant reimbursement requests will continue to grow. Stopping construction at this point would not be prudent and would likely result in delay claims from contractors.

3. Active AIP grant construction projects at Tulsa airports are continuing and include:
•Reconstruct south end of Runway 18L/36R, Tulsa International Airport (project essentially complete)
•Noise Mitigation Program, Tulsa International Airport
-Group A-11, 19 homes (nearing completion)
-Group B-11, 25 homes (contract awarded, work has not started)
-Churches and Schools, 3 facilities (work in progress)
•Taxiway and Taxilane Rehabilitation, R.L. Jones, Jr. Airport (project essentially complete)



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