Tulsa runner: Cancel NYC race earlier

NEW YORK -- A Tulsa runner speaks out after arriving for the New York City Marathon, only to find have it canceled by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"There are a lot of angry upset runners and it's not because it's canceled. We understand that. The devastation is a mess here," Tulsa runner Robin Williams said.

"They should have canceled it earlier in the week and kept everybody home." Williams said.

Before he canceled the New York City Marathon, Mayor Bloomberg told New Yorkers the race would be a boost for the economy and inspire the city to move on after a devastating storm.

Bloomberg's reversal came on Friday after mounting criticism from New Yorkers who said it made more sense to use resources to help victims of Superstorm Sandy. They were particularly annoyed that the race would have required the use of police officers, bottled water, generators and snacks -- the same needed by residents.

Some storm victims were also being evicted from hotels to make way for runners from around the world.

The marathon was scheduled to start in Staten Island, one of the storm's hardest-hit places.

Williams said the runners have been guaranteed a spot to run in next year's marathon, but she does not know if she will accept it.

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