Tulsa residents try to finish cleaning up after storm, before city begins debris pick up on Monday

TULSA - As the pile of storm debris continued to grow today, it might look like Tulsa residents Terry and Mary Moorhead are building a fortress in front of their house.

"Actually our neighbor feels intimidated. Look at his little pile over there," Mary Moorhead jokingly said.

Four days after Tuesday's powerful storm and Tulsans are still picking up.

Broken trees, a broken window and broken power lines - just some of the damage the Moorhead's suffered.

Terry tried to clean things up earlier this week, but ran into a dead end.

"I came over and brought the chainsaw and attempted to do it the first day," Terry said. "My chainsaw didn't work and I couldn't find a chainsaw so I had to wait."

He couldn't find a new chainsaw after his broke, because stores have been selling out ever since Tuesday. Including Westlake Ace Hardware.

"We've had to call to the other stores and ship things in and keep us stocked up. We've been pulling from the other areas, emergency shipments," Westlake Ace Hardware manager Gary Bresnehen said.

Emergency electric crews are also out working through Tulsa. But back at the Moorhead's house, they will be without power until at least Monday, when an electrician can come out.

They not only lost power, but their electrical box was destroyed too.

"I'm just glad it is not cold, Mary said. "It this had to happen, happen in the summer and not when it is freezing cold."

With plenty to pick up still, if the Moorhead's aren't tired of cleaning up, they're probably, "Pretty close!" Terry said.

Beginning Monday, July 29 at 8 a.m. and continuing to 5 p.m. weekdays, crews will make one pass through the city to gather residential tree debris that is placed at the curb. If able, residents should cut tree debris into 4-foot or smaller sections and place the bundles at the curb for crews to collect.

If unable to cut debris, residents should still drag limbs to the curb for pickup.

The regular schedule for the collection of bagged green waste will be interrupted during the special operation and will resume once crews have made a full sweep through Tulsa. Both City of Tulsa green waste trucks and grappler trucks will be used to pick up debris. Tree debris should not be mixed with other kids of debris. No housing, roofing, or structural debris will be picked up.

Crews will only pick up easily accessible debris set at the curb or near the street. The special curbside pickup will begin on the outer perimeters of the city, working into the center where storm damage is heaviest. After crews begin removal they will assess the situation and announce an anticipated timeline for pickup.

Household refuse and recycling collection will continue as normal. Tulsans can also take tree and limb debris to the city's green waste site at 10401 E. 56th St. North from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily at no charge.



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