Tulsa receives worst hybrid, electric car ranking in US by Forbes

TULSA - A report published Friday about the nation's electric car usage did not look too favorably on Tulsa.

The Forbes article ranked the city dead last among U.S. cities in percentage of hybrid and electric vehicles.

According to the publication, "Tulsa, OK is responsible for the biggest dearth of hybrids and electrics at just .58 percent and a scant .01 percent of all registrations, respectively."

"I am surprised a little bit," said Michael Faul, Jim Norton Toyota general sales manager. "We do sell a considerable amount of hybrids here."

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The reason, Forbes posits, is location.

Tulsa sits squarely in "the pickup truck-loving central and southern regions" of the country, the article reads.

Faul agreed and said that mentality has stunted the cars' popularity.

"When you look at the market share of vehicles that are out there today, there's a tremendous amount of trucks sold in the market, so therefore we're going to have a lower penetration with hybrids because there are not hybrids in the truck market," Faul said.

Another reason Tulsans might have an aversion to the energy-savers is simple: they don't necessarily have to.

Not with recent prices at the pump. In 2012, there wasn't a city in the country with cheaper gas.

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Similar fortunes were not had in San Francisco, which registered a fuel price tag of $3.65 a gallon for the year.

So it might makes sense that the city also had the "greenest cars" -- nearly one in 10 vehicles sold there is a hybrid, R.L. Polk & Co. advisor Tom Libby told Forbes.

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