Tulsa ranked 38th on list of best cities in the nation

Bloomberg Businessweek recognizes Tulsa region on

TULSA --  Bloomberg Businessweek ranked Tulsa the 38th-best overall city in the nation, the publication announced Friday, adding to a number of accolades recognizing the region's significance as a hub for business and commerce.

"The Tulsa metro region has a lower level of unemployment than much of the nation, continues to boast an upward-trending economic growth pattern and expects a number of jobs to be created in the coming months and years," Dewey Bartlett, mayor of the City of Tulsa said. "We continue to enhance our national stature as a great place to do business, a great place to live and a great place to build a future."

Tulsa's cohesive and effective economic development efforts spurred a renaissance downtown in recent years, bringing the region's core back to prominence as an epicenter of economic activity.

"You look at our downtown skyline and all you see are cranes," Mike Neal, president and CEO of the Tulsa Metro Chamber said. "We see new businesses, restaurants, stores or developments every day, with many more in the planning stages. It's great to see our economy grow, especially downtown where so much activity is centered."

Downtown also boasts a number of lively districts known for their attractive quality of life attributes, such as the Brady Arts District, where a number of museums, artists' spaces, entertainment venues and eateries offer Tulsans an array of exciting opportunities.

"Tulsa has amazing momentum," said George Kaiser Family Foundation Executive Director Ken Levit. "We have enjoyed partnering with a number of other organizations revitalizing the Brady Arts District and we are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response the community has shown embracing this area."

"Tulsa is lucky to have such strong core business sectors such as aerospace, healthcare, advanced manufacturing and much more," Neal said. "This allows us to diversify our economic development efforts and create a comprehensive set of opportunities for job seekers, and businesses looking to grow or launch. We have a strong workforce pipeline that creates an enhanced level of job growth and business development that works in our favor, offering a skilled workforce to businesses."

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