Tulsa Public Schools still deciding where to send 600 3rd graders after testing results

TULSA - At the end of the last school year, Tulsa Public Schools says about 11,000 third grade students were at risk from not moving onto the fourth grade.

Tuesday, just a day until the new school year begins, the district says about 600 were still in limbo.

During the summer, dozens of students attended summer school, re-took the required reading test and passed.

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Just last week, nine more learned they're moving on but parents approached administrators recently and asked the district to open up more testing dates.

“Parents had come back to us and said we would really like you to offer some more testing, another opportunity for testing so September fourth and fifth we are going to test more third graders. It is by appointment only,” said Chris Payne, Tulsa Public Schools.

Principals, teachers and parents are still meeting in committees right now to help decide who moves onto the fourth grade.

The state law says districts have until November to decide but TPS says decisions will come much sooner than that.


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