Tulsa Public Schools protecting students from triple-digit heat

TULSA - With highs in triple digits this week, schools are keeping a close eye on temperatures throughout the day.    

The rule across all Tulsa Public Schools: If the heat index is expected to rise above 90 degrees, just like it is through Friday, it's an inside day.

That means the children are not allowed outside.

Teachers at Eugene Field Elementary have games in the classrooms, and movement with purpose so the children can release some of their energy.

We talked with Dr. Sheila Riley, the principal at Eugene Field

She told us that keeping the kids safe is her number one priority.

"I think they'd rather be outside, but we want to make sure they don't want to get heat exhaustion or any of those issues you have to deal with when the heat is up there."

Students are also urged to drink plenty of water.

Every classroom at Eugene Field is stocked with water bottles, and the nurses station has cold water and ice packs for any student who gets overheated.

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