Tulsa police searching for trailer-stealing suspect who left scene of deadly midtown accident

TULSA - The driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run crash in midtown Tulsa Wednesday was actually fleeing from another crime, Tulsa police believe.

2News was in contact with police early Thursday morning. They are still looking for the person. 

The collision, which instantly killed the driver of a Toyota Camry around 10:30 Wednesday morning at East 9th Street and South Richmond Avenue, began shortly after a neighbor of a nearby industrial company witnessed him stealing a trailer.

That neighbor, the owner of a shop next door to the 12th and Norwood industrial property, took off after the man. A brief car chase ensued between the men, with the shop owner trailing behind the suspect's stolen Dodge Ram and newly lifted trailer.

The man then ditched the trailer at 9th and Canton, near the eventual crash. John Catlin, a witness, said the wreck didn't seem to deter the Dodge driver at all.

"He didn't even slam on his breaks. He just went through," Catlin said.

The suspect again fled, this time on foot into the neighborhood. Resident Ann Knode said she saw the man hop her fence into her yard and thought he was trying to burglarize her home.

"I must have yelled at him and called him a thief. He turned around and looked at me," Knode said. "As he did, the gate popped open and he took off running."

Knode's roommate then followed after the suspect down the street, and said she saw the suspect shedding his black clothing and hiding behind cars before she lost sight of him.

The woman killed in Wednesday's crash was identified as 46-year-old Christina Bradshaw. Little information has been given on the suspect, with him only being described as a white man in his late 20s to early 30s, possibly around 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers.

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