Tulsa police say teen girl escaped carjackers in midtown Tulsa, used doggy door to find help

TULSA - A Tulsa teen is recuperating Tuesday after what will likely be the scariest night of her life.

Police say 17-year-old Michelle was at a 41st and Utica stoplight around 11:30 Monday night when a Hispanic man and woman, carrying a Chihuahua, forced their way into her car, yelling out commands.

"I'm in a gang, I have a gun. I have a weapon -- I can hurt you," Michelle recalled the man told her.

Michelle, a Cascia Hall student, says the carjackers then ordered her to drive the SUV toward Lewis Avenue and park it in a nearby driveway. The man then pistol whipped her twice across the face with a gun and told her to the in the back of the vehicle, the teen tells 2NEWS.

In a move of desperation, Michelle took the keys and sprinted across the street. 

"This can't be happening right now," she remembered thinking. "I'm literally running for my life at this point."

Filled with adrenaline, Michelle crawled under a gate leading to a midtown neighborhood. She says she heard two shots not far behind. 

Michelle found herself at the home of Barbara Turner and her husband, and quickly banged on their back windows. Hearing no response, Michelle says she did the only thing she could think of. 

Crawled through the home's doggy door to safety.

"That was kind of unsettling to us that a girl could get into our house," Turner said.

A grandmother, Turner says her instincts took over as she raced to aid the injured teen.

"I would like to think someone would do it for my daughter if [she] were in that situation," she said.

As for Michelle, she's thankful for the Barbara's helping hand.

"It's honestly a blessing I'm not more hurt than I am right now," said Michelle, who spoke to 2NEWS with a bandage over her right eye covering three newly sewn stitches.

The teen's car was eventually located, with the Chihuahua sleeping under a jacket in the back seat. An officer is taking care of the animal. 

No arrests have been made and police are still investigating.

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