27-year-old DeAndre Lloyd Starks killed in officer-involved shooting inside north Tulsa home

A Tulsa man is dead after an officer-involved shooting inside a north Tulsa home Tuesday night.

It happened while Tulsa Police Department narcotics and gang units served a search warrant for drugs at 239 E. Young St.

Michael Davis confirmed his stepson, 27-year-old DeAndre Lloyd Starks, was the person shot.

Right before Davis learned the news at St. John Hospital, he told 2NEWS, "My wife's son he was hanging out in this area and he's not answering his cellphone.

"Police told us the guy who got shot was a 27-year-old male. That's how old my wife's son is. She's taking it very hard right now. She doesn't know if it's him or not."

According to TPD spokesperson Leland Ashley, officers went inside the home at 5:22 p.m. One minute later shots were exchanged as an officer confronted Starks in a bedroom and "was forced to use deadly force."

Police arrested five to six other people inside the home.

Police haven't released the name of the officer involved in the shooting.

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