Tulsa police nab 2 armed robbery suspects

TULSA - Two men suspected of armed robbery in the Tulsa area are now in police custody.

Demarco Morris, 20, and 18-year-old Patrick Sisco were arrested around 10:30 Tuesday morning after a search warrant uncovered a number of items related to recent thefts.

Police sya the men targeted students at the University of Tulsa and they may have also been involved in several burglaries in Sand Springs and the surrounding communities.

According to TPD, the following items were found in the home: 

  • Two loaded handguns
  • One Dynex television
  • One Nintendo DS
  • Two plastic bags of marijuana
  • Backpack reported stolen
  • Cell phone reported stolen

Police say Morris confessed to being present during two Jan. 17 robberies, but said Sisco was the only one armed. Morris also stated the pair sold computers under the table to a PC shop.

A witness also reportedly told investigators Morris and Sisco committed a large number of burglaries.

"It is a traumatic event to have two people run up and take your stuff from you at gunpoint. It may not wound your body, but it will wound your psyche," said Sgt. Brandon Watkins.

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