Tulsa police: Man put gun to ex-girlfriend's mouth, threatened her

TULSA - A Tulsa man was arrested over the weekend after busting into his ex-girlfriend's apartment with a gun, police say.

According to the police report, Khanthanou Pheng Phong Savan was taken into custody Saturday at his home after police were called to his ex-girlfriend's apartment in south Tulsa.

The woman told officers Pheng Phong Savan sent several threatening text messages before showing up at her apartment near 78th and Utica and kicking in the door.

Pheng Phong Savan then allegedly forced the woman from her apartment, shoved her up against a wall and placed the gun to her mouth and head.

According to the report, a mutual friend intervened, separating the two, but Pheng Phong Savan pointed a gun at the other two and said "watch out."

Pheng Phong Savan was later booked for first-degree burglary, domestic assault and batter, and two counts of pointing a deadly weapon with intent.

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