Tulsa mother, 11-year-old son thank Chandler Park lifeguard for dramatic water rescue

TULSA - Last week an 11-year-old Tulsa child was rescued from a near drowning by an alert lifeguard. On Monday his mother was able to thank the woman who saved her son's life.

College student Lindsey Schwager says a lot of children float on their backs and pretend to drown, but her five years of experience told her something was different when she saw young Matthew Pete face down in the water.

Pete was actually unconscious at the deep end of Tulsa's Chandler Park pool.

"I know first impressions are the last and you saw a wreck, but girlfriend thank you so much!" Pete's mother Eugenia told Schwager shortly after surprising her at the pool.

Pete's bloodshot eyes are the only remaining sign of his near-death experience, but Eugenia said the lesson is lasting. She says she'll soon be enrolling him in swimming lessons.

As for Schwager, who's majoring in nursing, she says this is a sign she's getting the right degree.

"It really is just my job," said Schwager.  "I got put in this perfect position to find him and get him."

Schwager says the lesson here to put your kid into a life jacket unless they're fantastic swimmers. Also, have an adult partner up with your child.

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