Tulsa mayor candidates: Dewey Bartlett and Kathy Taylor plans to decrease crime in the city

TULSA - If you had the chance to ask Dewey Bartlett or Kathy Taylor about their vision for Tulsa, what would you ask?

That was what we posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages on Oct. 9 and 11.

And we were flooded with a lot of questions.

The candidates agreed to answer five questions from our users and we gave them two minutes to answer each one.

Carri Klawitter asked this on Facebook:

In detail can you describe how you plan to attract more business, decrease crime, and improve our infrastructure?

In the interest of time, we asked the candidates to focus on the crime aspect of Carri's question.

Kathy Taylor said that the city must approach crime in three ways.

"First, strengthen the police department and 911. Secondly, use smart technology to not only prevent crime but to track and catch criminals. And third, to take a community-based approach to prevent crime and that's about mentoring programs," said the former mayor.

Dewey Bartlett said that when people are out of work, it can sometimes lead to criminal activity. That is why he points to economic development as the biggest tool to fighting crime.

"That job provides more hope and more reality of staying in Tulsa. Of becoming a productive citizen but also providing for one family," said the mayor.

You can see the other answers to your questions by going to www.kjrh.com/mayor2013. The candidates talk about keeping and attracting businesses, taking an oath of transparency, high-speed rail service and road construction.

Election day is Nov. 12.

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