Tulsa man turn to YouTube to try and catch mail thief

TULSA - A midtown Tulsa man is hoping YouTube helps him catch a thief who stole a package from his porch.

Robert Kleven tells 2NEWS that a package was delivered to his home shortly after 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Roughly three hours later, his surveillance camera was rolling while a man approached his door and escaped with the box, in a matter of seconds.

"He definitely looked like he had done it before," said Kleven, who had installed the camera after another package had previously been stolen. "Anything I can do to detour or expose criminals, I'm going to do."

Tulsa police call thefts like this "crimes of opportunity," and detectives say they are very common.

"We see it throughout the year," said Tulsa police officer Leland Ashley.

Investigators say some tips to avoid package thefts would be to obtain a P.O. box, ship the items to a place of business or schedule a time to be home for the package's arrival.

Kleven uploaded the surveillance footage to YouTube, with the possibility that someone may recognize the thief.

"Whether or not at the end of the day the cameras will have actually helped either prosecute him or anything else, I think it's worth a shot," he said.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (918) 596-COPS.

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