Tulsa International Airport reports single engine plane lands safely on north Tulsa road

TULSA – Tulsa International Airport reported Tuesday that a single engine airplane carrying a pilot and one passenger landed on East 69th Street.

Airport officials reported the plane was departing from the runway and was headed south when it experienced a mechanical malfunction.

The plane was said by airport officials to have gone over Highway 11 and landed safely near Apache Street and Sheridan. They added that it nearly hit power lines as it began to descend and landed just right in between two power poles and missed a vehicle by two feet.

The pilot of the plane is reported as just receiving his license five days from Tuesday and headed up into the air to work on patterns. 

"I thought this was just grass over here and I knew there were hay bails over here. I thought it was the end. If we hit those going as fast as we were it probably would have been pretty bad," said Eric Nichols, pilot of the plane.

2NEWS Meteorologist Taft Price's son was a passenger on the plane.

"When we came to a complete stop we just sat there for a second, looked at each other and made sure each other are okay," said Tanner Price, passenger of the plane.

When asked how they felt in the after math of the landing, Price said, "A little shaky getting out of the airplane. I think luckily everyone was safe. The airplane is not harmed. We aren't harmed. An unfortunate situation with a fortunate result."

The airplane was removed by tow trucks after the incident.

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