Tulsa firefighter battling cancer, still finds time to help others

TULSA - A Tulsa firefighter who's saved countless lives is now fighting to save his own.

Mark Meyer, a veteran of the Tulsa Fire Department, boarded a plane Monday morning to New York.  He will see a doctor who will perform surgery on him later this week.

For the last several months Meyer has been in and out of medical facilities undergoing chemotherapy.

During his treatment, Meyer met many kids who were also battling cancer.  He says those kids made a big impact on him and he wanted to help them.

Earlier this year Meyer started "Hydrants of Hope," and last month 2NEWS talked with him about the campaign.

Hydrants of Hope is a lapel pin that is for sale and all the proceeds go to help kids who are fighting cancer.

"What started out as a pin has worked into T-shirts, bracelets and lots of donations," said Meyer.  "A lot of private donations that believed in the cause."

So far, Hydrants of Hope has been a success.  Meyer recently presented the Children's Hospital at Saint Francis with a $10,000 check.

As Meyer set off on his trip Monday, his fellow firefighters greeted him at the airport to wish him well.

"I can't describe in words," Meyer said.  "I mean, it's very supportive.  And it's been a brotherhood that's second to none.  I mean, it's a camaraderie amongst all the guys and ladies on the job.  It's been overwhelming."

Meyer's surgery is scheduled for Wednesday.

For more information about Meyer's Hydrants of Hope organization, visit www.hydrantsofhope.com .

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