Anonymous Secret Santa gives $10,000 to Tulsa-area families in Christmas, holiday layaways

TULSA - A great deal of Green Country families are counting their pennies while trying to pay off their layaway bills.

That was at the center of conversation Monday as some east Tulsa Walmart customers left the store in tears.

"I've been off work for a year and a half so it's been kind of tight," said Nita Renee, who was in line to pay off her layaway bill.

Renee says she has been saving for weeks to pay the $215 she owes.

But Renee says that was her only option. She says her daughter must have a Christmas.

"She's six years old and she deserves it. She really deserves it," Renee said.

Fortunately for Renee, her debt was paid by a Secret Santa. That same anonymous shopper paid for 52 other families this holiday season -- a gift totaling $10,000, according to Walmart employees.

No one with the store would reveal the identity of the generous shopper. The most information 2NEWS could obtain was the person works for a Tulsa manufacturing company.

"Ha ha! You're not going to find out," Walmart spokeswoman Kelly Price told us. "I'm going to say it's the best company in Tulsa to work for."

This is company's second year to Secret Santa. Price said they hand pick all the receipts that are children's toys, learning games, and bikes.

"Even if those families can offer their time, or their service or just a kind word to someone, even if they don't have the money," Price said. "That's worth it. And that's a way to pay it forward."

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