Tulsa day care targeted for car break-ins twice in week

TULSA - Thieves have targeted a south Tulsa day care twice in a little more than a week. 

The most recent happened just after 7:30 a.m. Wednesday at the KinderCare at 91st St. and S. Mingo Rd. A parent went inside to drop off their child and left their car unlocked. 

"You wouldn't think it would happen right there, especially with the amount of traffic going through there, these people are pretty gutsy I guess," said Haley Reese, a parent and teacher at KinderCare.

Reese says she's shocked to hear thieves stole two mother's purses in just minutes. She says both didn't lock their cars when they brought their children in for the day.

"You're trying to hurry up and drop your child off and hurry and get to work in that little window of time, you forget," said Reese.

Police say it's that easy, which is why crooks target places like day cares. 

"It happens all the time, every year," said officer J.B. Bennett with the Tulsa Police Department.

This year victims reported six different break-ins at day cares.

"Only in one did they break any glass at all, most of the time they just open up the door, sometimes the doors are open," said Bennett.

Bennett says the crime is very preventable. He says always lock your car even during short errands and hide your valuables.

"These guys don't break into every car that comes up there, they are only breaking into the cars they can readily see the items," said Bennett.

According to Reese, the crooks who stole the purses from the KinderCare parking lot did some serious damage.

"Apparently the people run straight to Walmart and get gift cards," she said. "The first one they got $1,200 worth of gift cards on her corporate card."

Which is why she is taking note.

"I make sure I lock it, I make sure it honks at me," Reese said.

Police say they are working to warn other day cares in Tulsa about the possibility of this crime.

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