Tulsa gay couple reacts to US Supreme Court's decision to review same-sex marriage cases

TULSA - The United States Supreme Court made a monumental decision Friday, announcing it would take on one of the nation's most hotly contested topics: gay marriage.

The High Court will hear two cases: one to appeal the Defense of Marriage Act and one to challenge California's Prop 8.


At least one Tulsa couple is very happy about that.

Mary Bishop and Sharon Baldwin have lived together for 16 years and are in a same-sex relationship.

They say they would like to get married, but so far only nine states have legalized gay marriage, with Oklahoma being outside that group.

"Right now we're second-class citizens," Baldwin said. "We always have been and we always will be until these laws are overturned."

The two have been embroiled in a lawsuit with the state of Oklahoma since 2004 in efforts of reversing the state's position, but have yet to see a result.

So, needless to say, Bishop and Baldwin will be keeping a close eye on the Supreme Court proceedings, expected by late June.

"If the ruling is broad enough that it makes our case moot, then Sharon and I would go down to the courthouse and get married," Bishop said.

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