Oklahoma Jazz Hall pays overdue bills

TULSA - The finances of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame were the focus of another meeting Monday.

Tulsa County's Industrial Authority met to discuss the hall's ongoing financial issues, though for the time being they are resolved.

Jazz hall directors told the Authority they were able to pay all their debts, including  about $78,000 in electric bills and taxes.

County commissioners confirmed the bills were paid at Monday's meeting.

"We're very thankful for the commission being so patient, Commissioner [John] Smaligo especially," said the jazz hall's CEO, Jason McIntosh.

Commissioners still appeared concerned about the jazz hall's ability to pay future bills, and asked the organization to submit financial projections for the next six months. The organization's leaders agreed to the request.

The county is also sending the jazz hall a bill in the amount of $7,000 for attorney's fees.

Officials said that's the amount county attorneys charged up from August through October, as they tried to get the jazz hall to pay its overdue bills.

The county says the jazz hall is responsible for the bill because that is what was agreed to in the lease.

McIntosh said the organization had not received any bill from the county as of Monday evening.

He said the first time jazz hall leaders knew anything about the attorney's fees were at the meeting on Monday, when commissioners brought the issue up.

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