Tulsa County fair board votes to continue Fair Meadows horse racing

TULSA - There will be another year of live racing at Fair Meadows, thanks to a decision made late Wednesday afternoon.

Members of the Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority voted unanimously to sign the license which will keep the races going through 2013.

Racing had previously been canceled as part of a naming and sponsorship agreement between the board and the Muscogee Creek Nation.

The track's director though had already entered into an agreement to continue live racing with the Quarter horse and Thoroughbred associations.

Following the decision Wednesday, both groups were very happy.

"Well, it's positive. It's what we've been asking for all along. It's what we were promised and told they were going to do, since back in June which is run races in 2013," Joe Lucas of the Thoroughbred Racing Association told 2NEWS.

The board also voted to rescind the naming and sponsorship agreement with the Creek Nation.

Chief George Tiger asked for more time to negotiate a new agreement.

"The original agreement was to pay over $240,000, a year." he said. "We feel like we shouldn't be penalized for something that wasn't our fault and we'll use that as a negotiation point, possibly at a lower rate."

Now officials are waiting on the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission to accept the racing license, which it plans on doing during a special meeting slated for Monday.

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