Tulsa County Courthouse shooting suspect in court Wednesday for preliminary trial

TULSA - Twenty-four-year-old Andrew Joseph "Joe" Dennehy  was in court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing.

A Tulsa County Judge ruled Dennehy will stand trial.

He's charged with the March 7th shooting outside the Tulsa County Courthouse that left a sheriff's deputy and a bystander injured.

Dennehy faces fives charges.

Those charges are:

  1. Shooting with intent to kill
  2. Shooting with intent to kill
  3. Reckless conduct with a firearm
  4. Assault and battery on an officer
  5. Attempting to escape from deputies

Charges four and five stem from when Dennehy was recovering at St. John's Hospital. A deputy testified, Dennehy charged at him, body slamming the deputy to try and escape the hospital.

2NEWS Reporter Liz Bryant was in the courtroom for Wednesday's hearing.  She said Dennehy showed no emotion while listening to witnesses, those were Tulsa County sheriff's deputies who responded that day, one of whom was shot.

Dennehy's parents say their son needs a hospital, not a prison cell, but jurors determined he was mentally fit to face charges.

Dennehy also faces charges for attempted escape and assault and battery on an officer, which stem from his time in a hospital after he was shot during the shooting outside the courthouse.

Dennehy's arraignment is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Monday.

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