Tulsa County courthouse shooting suspect due in court

TULSA - The competency trial for a man charged with opening fire outside the Tulsa County courthouse is set to begin on Monday.

Andrew Dennehy, 24, is charged with shooting with intent to kill and two weapons countsĀ  in connection with the March shootings that injured a Tulsa County sheriff's deputy and a bystander.

At the request of his counsel, Andrew Joseph Dennehy underwent psychological testing in April and May.

Dr. Curtis Grundy, the psychologist assigned to assess Dennehy's mental health, ultimately recommended he be considered unfit to stand trial and instead be referred for further treatment.

Dennehy told Grundy he feared Freemasons and the Illuminati, in conjunction with Satan, were trying to harm he and his parents. "They work for [Satan]," Dennehy was quoted in official competency evaluation documents.

Dennehy said he intended for police to kill him at the courthouse, so his parents would be left alone.

The documents reveal Dennehy had a history of hypertension and depression and may have heard voices and experienced hallucinations prior to the courthouse shooting.

Photos taken during the shooting show the Dennehy standing in the plaza with a gun. He fires at least one shot, hitting 25-year-old Deputy David Fortenberry. Then other deputies shoot Dennehy.

Many wonder what pushed Dennehy to act.

There was speculation that Dennehy had recently been in drug court and had it out for a judge or officer. Sgt. Dave Walker says there is no evidence for that and he had not been in court recently for that charge.

Police are also investigating whether Dennehy wanted revenge for his brother's death by police seven years ago.

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