Tulsa County conservative groups oppose Vision2

TULSA - Local conservative leaders came together over the weekend to oppose a $748 million extension of Vision 2025, which will be on the November ballot.

Made up of all of the precinct chairs, vice-chairs, and elected party officials, the Tulsa County GOP County Committee voted to oppose the Tulsa Metro Chamber's efforts to extend the Vision 2025 tax, according to the Tulsa County Republican Party.

"We are excited to have another group of conservative leaders taking a stand against this unnecessary tax," said Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, one of the leaders of Stop Vision2, the main opposition group to the proposed Vision2 tax.  "It just shows that people all across the county are against higher taxes."

Vision 2, expected to cost nearly $748 million, extends the Vision 2025 tax package, which was approved in 2003.

Right now, taxpayers are paying an additional 0.6 percent on sales taxes.  If voters approve Vision 2, the tax would continue until 2029.


  •     Gives companies incentives to relocate to Tulsa
  •     Gives surrounding cities money for projects
  •     Gives money to city-owned buildings for upgrades near the airport

American Airlines, Spirit Aero and IC Bus would all be up for renovation.

Consultants estimate upgrades to the three buildings will cost $386 million, roughly half of the Vision 2 budget.

Voters will see the Vision 2 proposal on the Nov. 6 ballot.

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