Tulsa city council approves $711 million budget, includes plan to add dozens of new officers

TULSA - Tulsa city councilors unanimously approved a  record-setting $711 million dollar budget on Thursday evening that includes a plan to add 61 police officers to the streets.

The budget approved by councilors differs slightly from the one proposed by Mayor Dewey Bartlett earlier this year.

Councilor G.T. Bynum says councilors identified $3 million in the mayor's proposed budget that will be reallocated to public safety.

The budget provides funding for two police academies with a total of 45 officers. An additional 16 officers would be moved from desk jobs to the streets.

The desk jobs currently held by police officers will be filled by civilians.

"The most important thing is that they'll be funding and putting more police officers on our streets than we have right now," said Bynum.

In addition, the budget gives a one percent pay raise to non-sworn city employees and funds the Crime Stoppers contract.

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