Tulsa community comes together to stop bullying

TULSA - It takes a community to fight bullying.

This year, parents and students in Tulsa will have more resources to prevent it. Several local agencies are stepping up to stop bullies.

Tulsa city councilor and parent Karen Gilbert knows what it's like to fight bullying first hand.

"It was constant. Through Facebook, through text messaging," she said.

A few years ago her daughter couldn't escape the bullies, even in her own home.

"She didn't want to go to school at all, where she absolutely loved going to school. And it got to be an every day occurrence that she would call, and say, come pick me up, I can't take this anymore," Gilbert said.  

Gilbert's family worked with Tulsa Public Schools to initiate its bullying policy. She says since then awareness about the issue has increased.

She cites the new anti-bullying collaboration between TPS and 10 local agencies as proof.   

"It's a wonderful sign that Tulsa is taking a lead in this type of initiative," Gilbert said. "That these organizations have heard the cry, and seen what's going on in the schools. And even outside of the schools."

Preventbullyingtulsa.org is designed to be your first stop for help for parents, teachers and students.
And if the bullying gets out of hand, you can simply click on one of the forms, fill it out and report it.

Agencies like the Parent Child Center of Tulsa have already been spreading anti-bullying messages throughout the school district. Now their help is more accessible, thanks to the website.  

"Really the idea of the website is to serve as a hub for Tulsa and surrounding communities as well. We want to be a resource in the community, extending beyond Tulsa," said Steve Hahn, program manager of community education services.

Hahn says parents should take bullying seriously. He says it takes a team to fight it.

"Bullying affects nearly one out of three students at school across the United States. And it becomes personal when our kids come home and say, 'Mom and Dad, I'm being bullied,'" he said.

As a part of the prevention effort, there will be several town hall forums throughout the district on bullying.

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