Tulsa Community College's renovated Glenpool campus unveiled at open house

GLENPOOL, Okla. - Tulsa Community College and the city of Glenpool are celebrating the school's expansion in the community.

The school's renovated campus is being unveiled Wednesday.

When TCC first came to Glenpool it offered classes at the high school. There was so much interest, classes were moved to the old City Hall building, but that wasn't big enough to keep up with the growth.

Eventually school officials and city officials decided a change was needed and renovations were planned for the first and second floors of the old City Hall building.

After completion, the renovated campus has more space for classrooms, a computer lab and offices.

TCC officials say the new facility positions them well for the future.

"We're very pleased with the start we have in Glenpool but we would like to take it to the second level with a wonderful facility with staff here to help students on personal basis with the questions and help them with advisement, with registration with getting enrolled at TCC," said Peggy Dyer, with TCC.

TCC is holding an open house for the community to get an up close look at the remodeled facility.

TCC's Glenpool campus is located at 141st and Highway 75.

The open house starts at 10:30 a.m.

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