Tulsa city councilor works to bring low-income medical clinic to south Tulsa neighborhood

TULSA - A Tulsa city councilor is raising concerns about inadequate medical care in a Tulsa neighborhood.

At 58th and Peoria sits a pediatrician's office -- that and a nearby Planned Parenthood are the only medical facilities.

City Councilor Jeanie Cue wants to change that.

Cue says she's working with several non-profit groups to get a low-income clinic to open in the area.

Cue says there's a great need for residents in the neighborhood to have access to medical care.  Currently, residents without vehicles often must travel several hours by bus to reach a nearby hospital.

If a clinic opens in the area it would serve approximately 15 to 20 people a day.

The project is still in the early stages of the planning process.  To make this a reality organizers say a location and qualified workers are needed.

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