Tulsa city councilors to discuss new provision to restrict cars, bikes from sharing lanes

TULSA - The Tulsa City Council is scheduled to discuss a new provision at Thursday's council meeting that would make the streets safer for cyclists.

Councilors and the city attorney are due to meet to go over the provision, which would restrict cars and bikes from sharing a lane of traffic at the same time.

Bicyclists would be able to take the lane at any time, meaning drivers would need to be aware of their presence.

Bike trails and cycling have become a popular outdoor activity in the Tulsa area, and the issue is stirring up emotions of both cyclists and divers in the community.

A popular Wednesday night bike ride on Highway 97 draws hundreds of cyclists for the 30-mile ride every week.

Tensions between cyclists and drivers have heightened over the last couple of weeks.

Some drivers say cyclists are not obeying the rules of the road, and in one incident a driver threw tacks onto the highway.  More than 50 bike tires were damaged.

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