Tulsa City Council finalizes 2015 budget

TULSA - The Tulsa City Council approved city of Tulsa's fiscal year 2015 budget Thursday evening.

The budget was originally proposed by Mayor Dewey Bartlett to the Tulsa city council on May 1 and will come into effect on July 1.

Several additions were made to the mayor's proposal including commitment of another year of funding for arts programs, transit school crossing guards and the Redfork and Kendall Whittier Main Street programs.

The crossing guard program will include 56 part time positions and one full time administrator.

The Main Street program will get $80,000.

Henthorne will remain partially open for youth and adult theater programs operations to continue in 2015. Six PAC positions, three part time and three full time, will remain on the city's payroll as well.

The Council have added amendments that will offset the new expenses. An additional $648,019 will be added through an increase in court fees, alarms fees, a donation from Transit Matters as well as additional revenue from a two week extension of children's summer camp programs held at Henthorne Performing Arts Center.

Also included in the amendments: MTTA route 118 will be included and hours will be maintained for fixed route and Lift program.

The budget will not include police or fire academies and reductions of mowing cycles will go to six from the previous years 10. 

Effective September 1 of 2014 will be an increase in water rates by 7 percent, the sewer rate will increase by 9.75 percent and the stormwater rate will increase by 9 percent. Overall water and sewer customers can expect a $4.97 increase per month.

For the full city budget for 2015 click here.



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