Tulsa City Council considering cuts to incoming police academy, city says cuts could save $600,000

TULSA - On Thursday, the Tulsa City Council discussed cutting the upcoming police academy from 23 cadets to 13.

City Manager Jim Twombly said the move would save the city $60,000 per cadet for a total savings of $600,000.

The move would allow the city to save money now, while facing a $10 million budget shortfall, instead of potentially cutting recently trained officers later.

Twombly said the Tulsa Police Department currently has 774 officers. 

Tombly told councilors Thursday, "With the scale of the budget shortfall we are projecting for next year, we felt that this was one area where we could make cuts without total elimination." 

The Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police released a statement Thursday night:

"The Fraternal Order of Police doesn't support cutting public safety. We believe public safety should be the number one priority for the City of Tulsa."

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