Tulsa church reacts to Conn. school shooting

TULSA - The elementary school shooting in Connecticut left many people across the nation, including in Oklahoma, with many unanswered questions.

Some are wondering how a tragedy like that could happen.

At Park Plaza Church of Christ, Sunday's regularly scheduled sermon was changed to allow members to reflect on an incident 1,500 miles away.

"No matter how far we are from Connecticut, we're connected with those people," said Joe Reece, a church elder. "We try to be responsive to events going on. I think when you come in, you can't just really turn off what's going on in your mind when you leave the house, when you see it on TV."

Reece said even those with a deep sense of faith struggle to make sense of it.

But some things can't be explained, he said.

"You can't come to church without thinking about the impact these events have had on people like me who are fathers and grandfathers," said Reece. "There is evil in this world and while we all believe here that God is the ultimate authority and is ultimately in control, this world right now still has a lot of evil influence in it."

In addition to reflecting, the church encouraged members to write messages of sympathy for the family members of the victims.

One person wrote "We are crying with you all, praying peace for you families."

Another message simply read "God loves you."

"We believe though that in spite of the evil in this world that those who are Christians have an eternal life to look forward to and have eternal comfort," added Reece.

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