Tulsa area Catholics bid farewell to Pope Benedict XVI

TULSA - Green Country parishioners spent part of their day reflecting on Pope Benedict XVI's time in office.

Dozens gathered at Parish of Christ the King church in midtown Tulsa Thursday during the final hour of Benedict's reign.

Some parishioners were still trying to make sense of his resignation.

"We were surprised because it hasn't happened before in our lifetime," said one parishioner.

Benedict officially became the first pope to step down in more than six centuries.

Church leaders say he leaves a lasting legacy.

"I really think Benedict exhibited the qualities of holiness and humility and courage," said Rev. Daniel Mueggenborg.

Mueggenborg said Benedict could have an impact on future popes.

"I do think that by Benedict resigning office that he has opened the door for future popes to do that and perhaps that makes it even less contentious on age," said Mueggenborg.

Many parishioners say they hope cardinals select a much younger pope.

"I hope they can pick a younger pope this next time. I know they're limited on the quality and they need somebody that's had a lot of experience," said a parishioner.

Some parishioners said they like the idea of an American pope, but do not see that as a real possibility.

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