Tulsa police, crime-riddled Fairmont Terrace Apartments at odds over security cameras

TULSA - In October, Tulsa police met with management of one of the most dangerous apartment complexes in Tulsa to offer suggestions on how to reduce violent crime.

A September murder and a number of recent incidents at south Tulsa's Fairmont Terrace Apartments prompted the complex to ask the department for assistance.

The violence reached a new level Monday, when four women were found shot to death in one of the apartments. A 3-year-old boy was also found unharmed.

TPD is still investigating.

Click http://bit.ly/VyAA8Y  to view a gallery of pictures from the scene.

Police have circled the complex, near 61st Street and Peoria Avenue, as a potential gang hot spot and believe many of its problems derive from drug dealing and usage.

"We as the gang unit actually spend quite a bit of time in this area," said TPD gang unit Sgt. Sean Larkin.

Authorities have not made a connection to drugs or gang activity, but after meeting with Fairmont, Larkin said the unit advised the apartments make immediate improvements.

"We suggested everything from lighting to preventing non-residents from entering the property -- their electric gate, the fencing around their facility, monitoring who the residents have as far as visitors and things like that," he said.

Yet months after the meeting, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said there are still no cameras on the grounds.

Property manager Angela McGinnis told 2NEWS the complex installed cameras some time ago, but could not confirm where or how many.

McGinnis also said Fairmont has two to three guards patrolling the area, but residents 2NEWS spoke to said the guards are not always seen on the property during early morning hours.

An apartment spokesperson also said Fairmont has compiled a list of thousands of people who are banned from entering the complex, names they have shared with police.

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