TPD: Man confesses to groping woman in Tulsa park, admits to sexual assault past

TULSA - A Michigan man arrested for allegedly groping a woman in a Tulsa park Sunday admitted to a history of such behavior, police documents state.

Nathan Weiss was booked into the Tulsa County Jail late Sunday night.

According to the 27-year-old's police report, a woman at Springdale Park near East Pine Street and North Lewis Avenue called 911, reporting a man had followed her to her car. After placing her 7-month-old in a car seat, the woman told authorities, he fondled her breasts and tried grabbing her crotch despite her protests.

When she threatened to phone the police, Weiss ran away, according to the report. Officers soon arrested him at the other end of the park.

Once in custody, Weiss confessed to detectives and said he had been arrested for the same crime in Detroit, but was never convicted, the report states.

Weiss is being held on one count of sexual battery and is due in court Oct. 28.

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