TPD: Man attempts to rape worker in Subway store

TULSA - A Tulsa man is behind bars after he reportedly tried to rape a Subway worker Monday evening.

Twenty-year-old Norman Fitzgerald Williams, now facing a charge of attempted first degree rape, reportedly told police that evening he had finished watching pornography when he walked past a Subway restaurant and saw no customers.

He told officers he walked into the store, locked the door and told the woman working behind the counter he wanted to have sex with her.

The alleged victim told police Williams came behind the counter and gave her a "bear hug" from behind and began touching her. She said when she asked him not to do this and pointed out the cameras, he released her and kissed her shoes.

Reportedly he told her he would pay her to not call the police and then left the store.

When police spoke to Williams, he admitted to hugging the worker from behind and kissing her feet when she asked him to stop. When asked about the touching, he said he did not touch her but that if he did, he did not remember.

Williams reportedly told police what he did was wrong but that he had "a strong sexual urge," according to the affidavit.

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